Who should take this course?

This course if for anyone wishing to learn basic suturing through an interactive, hands-on class. As a healthcare student, you will be expected to stitch wounds. The techniques covered in this course will provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that'll impress attendings and set you apart from classmates early in your clinical training.

There is no certification with this course.

After completing the course, you will be able to...

  • Understand the process of wound healing and the importance of proper wound edge approximation and eversion

  • Perform hand and instrument ties

  • Throw a variety of stitches including simple interrupted, simple running, subcutaneous, locking, and mattress (vertical and horizontal)

  • Understand suture technique selection for different wound types

  • Perform optional specialty stitches - figure eight and locking mattress

Additional Notes on the Class

  • Instructors are licensed healthcare providers with more than 5-years of EMS and surgical experience

  • Suture kits and mats are NOT included - purchase here

  • Students are welcomed to keep the remaining unopened/unused sutures to practice on their own