Our Mission



In January of 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the nation, our mother suffered a fatal cardiac arrest walking up the stairs at work. She had no associated medical conditions, and the cause of her arrest is still unknown. Although it is hard to imagine, this tragedy can happen to anyone; young, old, healthy, and unhealthy. Protect those around you and learn CPR. Then encourage friends, colleagues, and loved ones to learn CPR as well.

- Mission -

We wish to spread the foundations of life-saving skills in and around our community. From here we hope to inspire others to join our efforts in increasing CPR competency at a national level.

The Selfless Tree

God gifted us a tree

A strong, beautiful tree

With thick leaves and bark of silk

Her fruit, plentiful

Her shelter, welcoming

On the wind, her pleasant scent

One of warmth and comfort

Pulling you into her arms

Her embrace revealed truth

This was no ordinary tree

This was a selfless tree

Her roots, far and deep

Not to take from the earth for herself

But to reach out and give to others

What a selfless tree indeed

Now she is gone

Taken from this world too soon

For reasons unknown

And there is a void in the forest

While only a stump remains

We must remember her roots

Far and deep within the forest floor

From these roots new trees will sprout

Within them, the virtues of their mother

And soon, selfless trees will fill the forest


George 2020