Guided Self-Reporting Trigger Log (SRTL)

After a successful or unsuccessful rescue attempt, emotional and physical triggers can develop. This is normal. If you need help coping with these, please seek guidance from a licensed provider.

Here we have included a discrete log book to track your triggers as they occur. This can be printed out and filled in or uploaded to a PDF annotator that allows you to write or type directly onto the PDF.

Directions on how to use can be found below.

You are not alone. You can beat this.

PTSD SRT-L 1st Ed Final.pdf

Link to Free Downloadable PDF

How to Use

Research has shown that one of the most effective therapies for PTSD, phobias, and trauma triggers is exposure therapy, a form of desensitization therapy. You work closely with a provider to GRADUALLY normalize your response to possible triggers. For this therapy to be effective, you and your provider must understand your triggers (conditioned stimuli) and how they impact your life. Given the complex, multifaceted nature of trauma, it can be difficult to identify all possible triggers, not to mention how challenging it may be to discuss a trauma and its triggers on their own. This log is meant to provide a simple, convenient, and organized means to track your triggers as they occur. While the intended goal is for you to use the information you log with a licensed provider to isolate potential triggers for targeted desensitization, this log can also serve as a guided self-reflection.

When you encounter a trigger, complete a log entry at a safe and convenient time. Try to complete the entry immediately to ensure proper recollection of the events. The accuracy of the information you log is of less importance in comparison to your interpretation of the event details, for it is your interpretation that manifested into a trigger response.

As a reminder, this log was created for self-reflecting and as a collaborative tool for you and your provider. It is neither a diagnostic guide nor a substitution for conventional treatments. Talk to your provider before starting this log.